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How to create a 404 page ?

While surfing the web, sometimes the connection to a site or page results in an error page, the famous page 404 that everyone has already met at least once. This is an error report that the http server sent after a query. This blank page indication only means that the page that the visitor has requested does not exist or that the page is censored.

What does a 404 page mean for a site?

It has been said before that page 404 is an error page output by the server. But this is mainly due to an error in the site itself. It is essential that the site owner fix the error because the cause of this report is that the site has corrupted parts. In these cases search engines ignore and even avoid those pages that will not be indexed. This can hurt the whole site is what is not very positive in terms of SEO. In some cases these pages are created for more practical reasons such as censoring certain pages on certain browsers or not accessing the topic when the page is in maintenance or the page no longer exists on the link. In this second hypothesis, a good programming of the site is required and only experienced developers and programmers can do it.

Customize the error page

First, for the creation of this page 404, we need the intervention of a php programmer. It is, indeed, the specialist that is necessary for a sure result. It must be understood that this is a default display of the website and it is therefore a sign given to the webmaster that there is something that does not work in the site. But some developers still manage to customize this page 404 using error page creation software. With a good programmer, it is even possible that the server sends a message to the webmaster or gives access to an existing page.

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