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What is the technique of development in RUBY on rails?

Ruby is the free language par excellence for the design of website and all the tools that accompany them. It is quite common to find developers who only deal with Ruby and ruby on rails as these are really effective for a dynamic and interactive website. There is a development technique specific to rails and Ruby.

Coding with Ruby

To know how to develop on rails, it is more important to know Ruby first. It is an open-source programming language. The emphasis is on speed, simplicity and productivity. Writing and reading this language is easier thanks to its exemplary elegance according to the "rubyiste". The developers use it, at the time, as an artistic tool and it is an easier way to understand and to reach this language and to be able to handle it. In its main design Ruby is a large homogeneous set in relation to syntax and functionality. Development and programming with this language are called imperative and functional. Otherwise Ruby's greatest asset is the existence of the various tools created and developed with Ruby, as is the case with the famous ruby ​​on rails. A special development technique thanks to the so-called instance variable properties and the so-called methods actions. The action is applied to a number on a piece of code that demonstrates the object orientation of Ruby.

Development advantage with Ruby on rails

For Ruby, everything is an object, whereas for some languages ​​this is not always the case. It gives access to instance variables and methods to all elements. Ruby thus appropriates more easily. Then, a greater asset is also the adaptation that gives a great impetus to the developers who can largely modify and adapt the bowels of this language during the execution of the language. It can be removed from the functionality and grafted on to others. All in all, it gives a programmer and developer freedom and provides them with a robust base and a skeleton on which to build a web platform. Besides, ror is all the more effective thanks to such quality coming from Ruby.

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