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What is simphony ?

Symfony is a tool which is increasingly used by websites and web applications developers. It is an open source framework, edited by the French company SensioLabs. Symfony allows you to develop robust, portable and easy to maintain applications. Moreover, several PHP projects such as Laravel, Magento, Drupal, Joomla or phpBB are based on the Symfony framework or bricks of this tool.

A PHP framework for all projects

Symfony is undoubtedly the framework used by most php development company and developers. This is the tool you need for the creation of websites and high quality web applications. Symfony is suitable for all types of projects. Indeed, you can develop simple applications or website, but also complex one such as social media, managing applications, etc. You can create such web applications thanks to its many components. The framework come with native component, but you can install others plugins to add more functions to your framework. In your development, there are no limits; you create anything using less resources.

To allow you to develop your tailored PHP projects in the best possible conditions, Symfnony offers a rich and optimized development framework. To do this, the framework uses the MVC (Model-View-Controller). This architecture gives you a structured code, easy to main and evolve.

A leading framework in the world of web development

Symfony uses the standard PHP and offers best practices to implement professional web projects (MVC architecture). The products developed through this tool are scalable and portable. This PHP framework enjoys the work of an active community. Every day, new bundles are developed and posted on forums to simplify applications development. Its flexibility, its robustness, its scalability, its stability, etc., make the leading framework; he is the preferred framework for PHP developers. Big web companies just like Yahoo, Dailymotion and many others opted for Symfony to develop their web solution.

With Symfony, it’s time to unleash your imagination and create the PHP application of your dreams, with professional quality.

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