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The speciality of a PHP developer

Developer jobs are becoming increasingly popular with young people. Of course, each developer has their own favorite tool like PHP which is one of the most used in the field. However, it should be noted that the tool does not do everything and that the result also depends mostly on the developer's know-how. Being a php developer must therefore follow certain criteria.

Why to choose PHP?

The choice of this tool is PHP should not be done lightly. Indeed, developers choosing this tool do it mostly because of the many benefits it brings. Clearly, PHP is a scripting language for web application development. Its first specialty is the fact that it integrates more easily into HTML. With PHP, it will no longer be necessary to use a tonne of command to display HTML since its pages already contain fragments of HTML. Also, php is a server-side tool which means that its code runs exclusively on a server in order to produce HTML. Subsequently, this result is sent directly to clients without having access to source codes. It is also possible to configure the server to confuse the static pages of the dynamic pages.

The necessary specialties

Once you want to become a php developer, it will be necessary to have specialties specific to the domain. In this framework, it will be necessary to know about the fingertips the frameworks since PHP is rich. In this sense, specializing in Zen or Symphony would be a considerable tool, but a Drupal specialization will be even more so. It should be noted that these three large frameworks meet all the needs of the current market. Note also that PHP has many versions. Saying that one really does not dominate any version of PHP is a minus asset as a php professional. For beginners, using PHP 5 is a great start since it has all the features needed for a good development work. Of course, as time goes by, using and dominating the latest version of PHP will be de rigueur.

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