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How to pass in https with ROR ?

Creating websites is an essential step to fully understand the world of web. A site created will then be effective and that effectiveness is measured by the flow of visitors to the site. Of course, there is nothing better than SEO or SEO to increase the effectiveness of a website. A site must be well mounted and well referenced to be effective. Only during development, it will be possible to pass the first stage, while facilitating the second. The tools like Ruby on Rails will reach that goal. Of course, it will perfectly know what it is before embarking on the process.


This was made official, the secure HTTPS protocol has become a criterion that search engines take into account. Google's algorithm in analyzing the websites therefore prioritize secure sites. This approach has been made by the giant to encourage websites to migrate to more security. This is also in this context that Google announced officially. In addition, this approach will provide many benefits to start by emphasizing security in the web world. Of course, this will assure more speed online during visits to the site and more security regarding personal data. So it is good at all levels.


Given the challenge of security on the site, it is important to approach. With ruby ​​on rails, it will be possible to migrate to HTTPS. Moreover, it will be easy to spend HTTP to HTTPS and vice versa. The approach therefore be based on the configuration of the used environment. In addition, ruby ​​on rails or ror has a middleware application that automatically filter non HTTPS redirection to the HTTPS paths more secure. Of course, it will be important to insert middelware in a specific position in the stack. By cons, this could be a problem if the application integrates assets from third hosts. Everything will be to use the functionality of Rack :: SSL.

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