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How to get start with Ruby ?

It goes without saying that websites are essential tools now to interact with the web world. In this creation, the result will be perfect and perfectly in line with the expectations and needs. To achieve such results, everything will depend on the choice of tool to use. One of the most used tools in this context is ruby ​​on rails that offers many advantages. To adopt this tool and many begin with, it will suffice to understand the fundamentals.

General information on ruby ​​on rails

Above all, we must know that ruby ​​on rails or ror is a framework based on Ruby as a language. Its design is based specifically on facilitating the work of web application development. It will be also more fun with this tool because the ruby ​​language is very intuitive. The production will be greatly increased with ruby ​​on rails. Clearly ror is based on some basic principles making the highest possible productivity. First, there is the DRY principle or Do not Repeat Yourself avoiding writing a code several times. Convention over configuration is the principle and it will increase production based on respect for conventions. The last principle is that REST is probably the best design pattern to develop applications. It will therefore provide a better organization centered around standard HTTP verbs.

Rails and its components

Professionals in the field such as ruby on rails development company therefore perfectly use this tool to get the best. Above all, the architecture MVC or Model View Controller is based organization ror. He will isolate business logic from the user interface to maintain the DRY code and keep the code where it should be. From there, ror also will have different components ls equally useful than others. Note The Action Controller, Action View, Active Record, Active Resource and the Active Support allowing complete control of the database.

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