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How do you increment a new page with ROR ?

Once the website is created, it will necessarily manage and make the appropriate work to make it effective. Among the work to do on the site, there are incrementing a new page. With ruby ​​on rails, this approach is entirely possible. Of course, it will be possible to achieve good results by following a few bases.

The increment

Clearly, the increment is simple since it is only fair to add 1 to counter whatever. Conversely, the decrement is therefore to remove 1 to a counter. In the case of facebook for example, the increment is based on adding a "like" pages or posts. On Youtube too, will be incremented by the number of "seen". You should know that all sites have this increment even if the meter goal is not necessarily the same. The increment is therefore an important transaction and is a database-level statistics. It goes without saying that professionals as ruby on rails development company will make sure to take this into account during the development work with ruby ​​on rails or ror.

Increment with ror

The professionals will ensure perfectly incrementing each new page of a site. Whether at the videos, articles or pictures, everything will be incremented with ruby ​​on rails. Only, although it is not a professional deal with this tool it will be possible to fully take this step by following a few basic tips. Clearly, in order increment, just use @ picture.increment. Only you must know qu'increment sets the value and adds value, but it does not save. It will be important to use .save order to save the result afterwards. From there, simply take the step on each page or each position increment. Since ruby ​​on rails is open source, so it will be the measure of everyone, but of course, use the services of a professional will be recommended in order to have flawless results.

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