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Even the best are still learning how to code !

Creating website is a must in the apprehension of the web world. Admittedly, it is a great marketing asset because almost everyone is currently connected. In the design of these websites, various tools are used by professionals in the field. One of the best is ruby ​​on rails and is even popular now. Clearly, it is widely used by startups lately. Only, in order to actually use this tool, it will be necessary to know all the attractions and all the benefits.

Ruby on rails: a widely used tool

Clearly, ruby ​​on rails is a framework using the Ruby language to develop web applications or creating websites. Remember, the ruby ​​language is object-oriented, it is cross-platform, open source and multi paradigm. Clearly, it was based on two basic principles namely DRY or Do not Repeat Yourself, which aims to have no elements at one place and over configuration Convention which avoid too specify the job since rails follow specific conventions during development. What makes the ruby ​​on rails or force ror is on its highly increased production. In the case of a blog, you can mount it in just a few minutes because of 62 lines of code.

The benefits of ruby ​​on rails

Besides producing ror that is almost unbeatable, we can easily find him convincing advantages. The list of these advantages is, moreover, quite long. Above all, must know that ror will structure a perfect way the project. This will provide a better organization in the future. Migration will also be possible which will change the structure and the content of the database. Ror also has active record is a ORM for data manipulation through the ruby ​​power. Scaffolding will also be part of the forces of ruby ​​which will generate code for CRUD or Create, Read, Update, Delete. With ror, we also have 3 specific environments with which we can interact in order to have flawless results. Of course, security will be there with rails and a javascript library come with this framework. Also, caches and tests will be waiting for you with this tool.

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