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The importance of front-end development

The internet is one of the fastest ways to communicate or to work online. The creation of websites is based on the hand of computer engineers. The performance of the site depends on all the chains of its infrastructure and its server for the customers. The technologies and the context to change a lot, it completely changing the work of the front-end developer.

What is a front-end in development?

Nowadays, the front-end developer must have a good skill of modern technology. Indeed, It intervenes on all the techniques of the site. He must be an expert in his own right, because he is one of the cornerstones of any web project. Front-end development is not limited to strict content validation. He is also responsible for solving rendering problems by focusing on the content efforts rather than the initial template structure. A front-end developer is therefore a professional computer and web design.

Required skills

The developer provides the necessary maintenance and evolution operations. It is an essential quality to be a php developer. Combined image techniques and optimization of colors, weights, image formats are also skills of a web developer. For them, we must master the semantics of HTML tags and also the knowledge of the principles stated in WCAG. In order to create a lightweight style sheet that fits all contexts, developers must be able to manipulate CSS and media-queries. It is also essential to have a bit of basics on art in order to be able to structure the interface of navigation.

The advantages of the front-end

The php developer of the front-end avoids pages a DOM tree with too many nodes. The cascade, the inheritance of the property and the factoring accelerate the downloads and also the speed of rendering in the browser. It promotes SEO and makes it easier to adapt other media through the mechanism of style sheets. The front-end developer can mitigate the work of others and allows the project to succeed. The developer designs a good architecture of the site. Thus it ensures the smooth running and the speed of execution to satisfy the needs of the customer.

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