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The best way to learn Php...

PHP is a programming language that integrates into your HTML pages. If you are too old to return to the school to learn to code in PHP or if you don't want, you can very well form by yourself. With PHP forums, with all the literature on PHP on the web or in books and e-learning sites.

The best way to learn PHP in 6 points

- Read the documentation on PHP and MySQL. Including going to the PHP forums. You will find quite simple tutorials and suitable for all levels. For example :

  • "PHP: The tutorial for beginners hurry"
  • "Zone Great Beginner"
  • "PHP by example"

The purpose of the exercises that are offered on the tutorials is to teach you to master the basics of two tools, PHP and database, so you can develop your own applications.
Also read books on PHP.

- Consult the PHP websites: PHPdebutant, phpinfo, php.NET
- Encode small scripts, manipulate variables, control structures, etc ..., understand the basics of the language.

- Encode again and again ...

- Always encode, but never forget to think before launching headlong, consult the documentation at the slightest problem before screaming for help ...
When you try to understand the examples presented in tutorials and you want to do a similar script for your needs, don't start at 0. Start by trying the example at home by copying it as is, check that it works, and then modify it little by little and by testing each time, in order to achieve what you want.
It's pretty simple to get into programming PHP / MySQL, but before that you understand the subject, encode a lot of scripts.
Also, you probably use PHP as a server-side web language, this does not exempt you to master HTML, CSS and JavaScript course ...
- Self-learning is good, but you can complete it or start with training on the Internet. Many online learning websites offer education of fun and progressive bases. With many exercises. The best known are Code Academy and Khan Academy.

Before creating your website in PHP, first start with the services of a real php development company !

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