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Million of website are runned by ROR

When talking about web application development, interesting tools are always enrich the knowledge of all. One of the best tools that unanimity from starts ups is Ruby on Rails. The many advantages of this system make it increasingly used at present. To image the thing, you should know that millions of website were refined from Ruby on Rails now. Only, before actually using it, it will perfectly know his concept.

Ruby on Rails

Above all, we must know that Ruby on Rails or RoR is a framework open source using the Ruby language to develop applications. It is therefore available to web application developers to create websites both innovative and efficient. The excitement of its use is mainly on practicality to write code easily and simply with very high productivity. You should also know that ror developers made sure to use all its benefits to new findings. It is even the reason why the world of startups use especially Ruby on Rails to mount websites. Clearly ror provide a more concise code to produce faster, with minimal configuration makes this very practical technology as well as technologies that are already integrated him making this just as practical tool for users.

Benefits through its use

If millions of site have been designed with Ruby on Rails is primarily the practical benefits it offers. The result is both functional, productive and more practical at all levels. On top of that, the development part will be very diminished while Part originality and creativity will be greatly increased. We can even say that ror will create a website without writing a single line of code. Clearly, the biggest benefit of using RoR is productivity that is simply unbeatable. As an example, the creation of a complete website will be in just a few minutes thanks to a database in 62 lines of code.

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