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Jquery and php

Used for years and has become a must in the web landscape, JavaScript is a language considered a complete technology. It includes an impressive number of tools that provide dynamic web pages and the give them another dimension. As a large community, Javascript feels compelled to improve its capabilities, including through frameworks. Jquery is one of them.

Jquery: the story of a framework

JQuery is the most used framework of all. This is proven by the fact that even the Zero site actually use. "Write less, do more" motto sums up what this framework allows for. It can mean write less code, while still being productive. In a still blurred vision of the concept of jQuery, php development company looking for their source in the communities to exchange knowledge. In addition, this framework is not a simple JavaScript file, it alone represents a JavaScript library of functions that were written and combined into a single file for simplicity. Jquery aims generally to simplify life for developers php. For a developer used to using JavaScript, it is self-evident that every web browser has JavaScript engine of its own. JQuery will help this engine to parse the JavaScript code and to act according to the browser it.

A dynamic site with jQuery

One of the highlights of jQuery is probably the animation. Indeed, it can launch any effects with ease. For custom animations, animate the method is the most powerful. The principle is simple, just pass an object to the method containing the CSS properties to animate. This animation can also be change either to move faster and faster with time and slow down at the end either force the animation to proceed at the same speed throughout the operation. JQuery allows several separate instances of the same plugin. To do this, codes are entered correctly to initialize the plugin with the correct parameters.

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