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It's time to change your website to AMP !

Google launched in 2016 its AMP format which allows to display much more quickly a web page on a mobile terminal. Few sites have yet passed, and few AMP results are still visible in SERPs ...

Accelerate Mobil Pages to view web pages instantly

Google has therefore launched the AMP format designed to speed up the display of content on mobile web pages. A project based on a new open source framework, already available, which allows to display almost instantly a web page, including if it contains rich content. If your site has integrated this format, you can go to the Search Console, check that there are no errors in your specific HTML.

For Google, the observation is simple: if today, everyone has a smartphone or a tablet, this same public is accustomed to wait for the pages he wants to consult load slowly. So many missed page views and thus lost money for content editors, but also frustration engendered in the reader. To remedy this, Google launched the Accelerated Mobile Pages project. The principle is quite simple. On the one hand, Google offers its partners an open source framework based on "already existing web technologies". This is the AMP HTML framework, some of the code is already available on GitHub.

Pages hosted on Google's servers

On the other hand, Google offers partners who wish to host their content in an AMP HTML format directly in Google's cache. This will allow these pages to appear instantly, regardless of the device or platform on which the user is viewing a web page. Pages that will be displayed in an instant, even if they contain videos, GIFs or many images.


AMP consists of three parts:
- AMP HTML: HTML with restrictions to ensure reliable performance. Extensions allow you to create more elaborate rich content than with basic HTML
- AMP JS: JavaScript library that guarantees fast rendering of AMP HTML pages.
- A cache system: like Google AMP Cache (optional) which allows to provide the pages AMP HTML.

Don't forget that a php programmer is to change your website to AMP !

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