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Develop Javascript with us

The world of web development is currently in full swing. This world knows a boom unparalleled today, thanks to many technological evolutions. In the field, the use of tools is inseparable to development work. When developing JavaScript, for example, framerworks like AngularJS are essential.

Angular: what is it?

Clearly, AngularJS is a framework that came into being a bit by chance. It is in 2009 that he was born in the very premises of Google. They are two developers named Brad Green and Shyam Seshadri who discovered it. Clearly, both were assigned to the development of "Google Feedback". But the volume of code kept growing. More than 17,000 lines of code formed the entire project whereas no valid form of test could be done. It was then that Seshadri had the idea to redevelop the entire project using a homemade framework: Angular. With the use of this tool, the application had only 1,500 lines of code that were all tested. Subsequently, the number of Angular Developers has increased significantly. After all, it is they who have taken over the development of this framework to give what it is now.

Its principles

Clearly, AngularJS is not an innovation or a find. Although it is a revolutionary method on the edges, it was still conceived by focusing on key concepts. These concepts are similar to good practices in web development. Thus, Angular is based on an MVC or Model-View-Controller architecture. This type of architecture is unavoidable in the field and focuses on the separation of data, their presentation and their use. There is also the Data Binding that reinforces the links between HTML and Javascripts. Among the key concepts, there is also the injection of dependencies as well as the manipulation of the DOM thanks to directives. Normally, DOM manipulation creates unstable and unstable codes. However, with AngularJS, this problem will not arise. Thus, many applications can be created with the use of this framework.

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