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Build a cultural website for everyone

Creating web site is an important and undeniable stage when really wants to understand the world of the web. In this creation, it is important to control well the tools developed in this order to have a well-hung site. Be aware that a site was well designed will be an important basis for further facing SEO. Otherwise, at the design of the site, one of the currently most used tools is ruby ​​on rails must hit with startups.

Ruby on rails

That ruby ​​on rails is the most used by startups tool is easily explained by its many benefits. Clearly, Ruby on Rails or RoR is a framework that uses the Ruby language to develop web applications. therefore it can be used effectively to create powerful websites, innovative and above all unique. Rails will exercise Ruby code that has already been written by others. Thereafter, we will add a code in order to design a truly unique site. The thing about RoR is probably practicality that will create a website from scratch and this as quickly as possible. In the case of blogs, for example, can be up in a few minutes with only 62 lines of code. This production is simply unbeatable.

Ruby on Rails and its benefits

Except that the main advantage of ror is a simply unbeatable production, it must be said that many other advantages will expand this list. Above all, it should be noted that ruby ​​on rails has libraries and, of course, its management will be possible. We will also see the SASS and CoffeeScript features. Rack and rake Task Launcher both offer advantages when using ror. Also, it will be possible to deploy the data on cloud and Active Record will expand these benefits. Also, the possibility of testing will be another advantage that can not be underestimated.

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